Clients say

“Barbara creates a safe space of complete and unconditional acceptance, which allows for healing to take place. She is extremely attuned and has an extraordinary ability to perceive what the body is saying. What I most like about her work is that it works on the  physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. I highly recommend Barbara.” Irena Stenner, Wellington


“When I tried CranioSacral therapy 
for my depression, it felt like ‘a great
weight’ was being lifted off. ”
BH, Wellington


“Thankyou for our last session – I felt very much a door opening into new insights of beliefs and thought patterns.
My greatest pearl is that of being open to ‘other ways'” CT, Wellington


“I’ve been working with Barb for a number of years. What I find wonderful about her work is her ability to hold me (and my whanau) in a place of gentle, accepting awareness that allows for old pain or modes of being to be released and new understandings, insights and consciousness to arise.
I have had so many profound experiences with Barb, I could not name them all. She is not only skilled, but gifted. I immensely value her work because it spans across the realms of  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It has helped me to transform old family patterns, and hugely supported my personal and spiritual development.” MS, Tauranga



“I have been a client of Barbara’s for several years now. Her technique grounds and integrates my system when I am out of sorts and facilitates new growth and development when I wish to explore new ground. Barbara’s techniques leaves my system feeling supported and held, allowing my body a non-threatening situation in which to move out of it’s comfort zone and old patterns without feeling threatened.
My work with Barbara has been a major part of my healing journey and has brought about profound spiritual growth.”
DR, Wellington


“Barb is always totally present with me. Through her gentle touch and exceptional insight she has given my body the confidence and power to heal long-ago childhood trauma. The fog of depression and medication was lifted as I regained my confidence and resourcefulness. Barb’s skill and knowledge of these dynamic integrated therapies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) is exceptional. I trust her implicitly and honour her professional practice. I am now contented and well resourced in-my-life.” VN, Wellington

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