Tom – Anxiety dis-order

Tom is a long term client, with a diagnosed anxiety disorder. This session was a break-through, after many months of steady resourcing. Client therapist trust is already established, and Tom has built a mostly robust adult resourced self. This day, Tom arrived knowing he was triggered & dissociated, after two ‘triggering events’; an unsettling piece of family news and a work related friction.
Our contract today was to regain his ground, centre and re-associate himself. In the past, I would facilitate this process, utilising Holistic Pulsing, leading to a discharge of muscular tension, seeking meaning from the anxiety and increased calm. There was often a time lag in Tom noticing he was calmer. He might not get the full benefit until 5-10 hours later.

Today, I encouraged Tom to explore his body-felt symptoms of dissociation: shallow breathing, fuzzy vision, dry mouth, numbness in one leg, achey shoulders, groin, sore right knee. Tom also knows  an area called ‘ground zero’, in his diaphragm, which is tight and feels agitated. CranioSacral Therapy offers the “deep containment stillness”, that supports this area.
He systematically brings his attention to each of these areas, resourcing them with his happy place resource: a visualised walk in the bush reserve close to his home. He slowly begins to feel the release of muscle tension, immediately. He is sufficiently resourced that his body knows he is in a safe therapeutic environment, and he can easily become the observer of both triggering and the strategies his body uses to keep him safe.

Also, I facilitate the opportunity for his anxiety to reach a place of trust and give him some important meaning, which empowers Tom to make some easy changes. Tom feels more in charge of his own process and leaves with insight and some relaxation.

I also give Tom resources; including Rescue Remedy, tailored Flower Essences, tapping for adrenal support, grounding exercises and a visualisation for centering himself.

Tom’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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