“Barbara helps me activate 
not only my creativity, but the healer 
within me . . . her timing is intuitive, 
perceptive and sensitive” JD,


“Thankyou for our last session – I felt very much a door opening into new insights of beliefs and thought patterns.
My greatest pearl is that of being open to ‘other ways'” CT, Wellington


“Barbara creates a place where you can feel safe to open up and release painful baggage from the past in a non threatening way. In my sessions with Barbara I have felt lighter and freer after each session. The work is deep and really lasts. During the sessions I am also learning how to build a healthy relationship with my body and learning how to tune into what is happening in your body in day to day life. This is empowering work and Barbara walks alongside you as you step more and more into a place of healthy embodiment. I would thoroughly recommend Barbara for anyone who has experienced shock, depression or feels anxious in their lives. I am feeling more open, happier and freer to laugh and embrace life. Thank you Barbara for your wonderful work and for the respectful space you create for the client. “


“Barb is always totally present with me. Through her gentle touch and exceptional insight she has given my body the confidence and power to heal long-ago childhood trauma. The fog of depression and medication was lifted as I regained my confidence and resourcefulness. Barb’s skill and knowledge of these dynamic integrated therapies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) is exceptional. I trust her implicitly and honour her professional practice. I am now contented and well resourced in-my-life.” VN, Wellington

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