Sophie’s Post-Operation


Sophie is a mid 30’s professional working in the government sector. Sophie is self-aware, resourced and very sensitive to outer life experiences, and knows that she ‘processes’  illness and emotional situations in a heightened way. This is common for many people, today.

Sophie has been seeing me for adrenal fatigue and a diagnosed viral condition that compelled her to take time off work for two months. Now back at work, she has recently had minor surgery with a general anesthetic, and is feeling particularly fatigued, again.

I “see” Sophie’s Energetic field as grey and heavy. Her Cranio Sacral fluid rhythm is sluggish and the vitality diminished. Her adrenals feel ‘fearful’ and lymphatics ‘in overwhelm’.

Anaesthetic has a particularly deadening effect on our bodies, post-operatively. Although Sophie has taken a homeopathic especially for it, her energetic body was expressing all the Mind-Body stories associated with two previous experiences of anaesthesia, all at once, hence the overwhelm. She grounds herself, (as I have shown her how to do previously) and I assist her adrenals to resource, vitalise spleen and acknowledge the “scared” parts of her experience as felt tension. These tensioned parts of her body feel to Sophie like deep inner holding, that are unable to release by themselves; a very natural human safety response to ‘threat’.

I facilitate Sophie to safely and gently track through the release of that holding, and slowly, Sophie’s body experiences ‘thaw’. She feels lighter, her thinking clears and she is able to breathe deeply again. Her mood brightens, and she feels safer, more resourced, with her ‘old self back’.

Together, we make a plan for how she will look after herself over the next 48 hours, including what her body requires to process a safe new way to be with feelings of ‘scared’ – back in the outside world. I also suggest rescue remedy in convenient lolly form as a First Aid remedy, and the Homeopathic Arnica 200C for any residual shock.

Sophie returned for  one further session when she needed to recharge and revisit the remnant “scared” parts of her experience, for more resource.

Sophie’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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