Guidance on Terms

All adult sessions are for an hour; you lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, or a comfy chair/ hospital bed. Sessions for babies and children are usually shorter, as they have smaller bodies and are more sensitive – 45 minutes.

It is better to avoid a session if you have a virus, or feel a cold coming on – your body has enough healing to manage already! If unsure, please call to check.

Your session is fully confidential. I am legally required to take a Case History, but you may choose the information to disclose. Information about recent illness, medications, homoeopathics and any other drugs used is appreciated, to facilitate your own healing. I will not see people that are intoxicated or take recreational drugs.

I appreciate your courtesy – 24 hours notice of cancellation is required; an alternative time may be booked, without incurring a charge. Full fee will be charged for failure to come for your session. My cell: 027 490 6428 is the best tool for unforeseen changes to your session date or time: please call or text ASAP – your session time then becomes available for others.


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