Leila – A painful left shoulder

Leila presents with a permanent painful left shoulder, that has not responded to treatment with recent osteopathy or physio. She is in recovery from bowel cancer, with multiple surgery experiences. With a Cranio-Sacral Therapy approach, we revisit her shoulder gently and with deep listening.  We both discover the sensation that her body is supporting an instinctive “sling”. Leila’s arm has created this sling to protect it self from “falling off”, a muscular pattern that extends deeply across her shoulder girdle and up the neck into the cranial base, affecting her TMJ and jaw.

Leila’s 4 year old memories surface of a fall at the beach, head gash and subsequent visit to the A&E, with all the emotional reactions of her father and siblings.  The memory arises in a clear, yet detached emotionally charged felt sensation.

As the therapist, I guide her to release the ” charge” of the accident, grow her small child resilience with help of her resourced adult present self. This experience can now help her shoulder to ” un-freeze” and she leaves the session with no pain and more freedom in her entire shoulder girdle. Her other surgery mind-body stories also feel more trusting to follow their own release in her next session.

Leila’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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