Katie’s Panic Attacks


Katie is an early 20’s University graduate, looking for work in her chosen field. Katie appears self-assured, self-aware and professional. But she is stuck, experiencing fear about approaching potential employers, lack of motivation and debilitating fatigue.  Katie started seeing a life coach to help with motivation and career path. She experienced her first panic attack while in session with her Life Coach. “It was very scary and I don’t want to go there again”, she says.
I outline research around fear, how it is held in our bodies, often unconsciously. I name some of the felt symptoms. I see recognition and I draw out her own felt experience, normalising it. I affirm that experience as a coping strategy; that her body is just looking after herself. We both agree that it is not the best strategy in her adult world.
I observe her energy field, breathing, assess her self-awareness. We make an agreement, start to create containment, grounding and some safety.  I pulse her gently. Holistic Pulsing is a very gentle therapy; it gives an experience of “anti-freeze”, deeply into the cellular and fascia matrix. I listen deeply to her body tension response with Cranio Sacral Therapy, breathing rate and watch her Energy-field. Together, we facilitate her body experiencing just enough ‘relax’ to process as a safe new way to be. I also show Katie grounding resources to take home, and suggest hydration, healthy snacks and Rescue Remedy or homeopathy as First Aid.

Katie returns for further sessions and slowly her panic attacks and fatigue subside. She is gaining more confidence in herself, and after a month, she interviews and is successful in getting a part-time position that she can manage energetically. She returns for sessions when she needs to recharge and refresh her grounding skills.

Katie’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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