Ivy – The woman who misplaced her legs

Ivy came to therapy with her achey left leg, that had troubled her for some 8 weeks. She also had some sciatic nerve pain in her right leg. Ivy is a long-term client of mine, who has successfully navigated sexual abuse issues with Mind-Body Synergywork.

All forms of abuse; sexual, psychological, emotional and physical often entail disconnection of the Self from our bodies.  Sometimes this feels like we are separated from our Soul. As Ivy becomes more embodied and grounded, the stories of disconnection start to speak their truth. They request healing by showing their physical and energetic symptoms. As a mind-body therapist, this is exciting, for the client and their whole-body are ready for change and growing past their barriers.

Ivy’s legs were well resourced to get their stories heard and assisted, from previous sessions we had had together. We enlisted gentle Holistic Pulsing to energize her whole body. We explored the chakra connection with her Base and Sacral centres, often a place where fear energy gets ‘caught’. Ivy discovered where her energy was getting stuck in her pelvis, by feeling it herself, through felt, gentle body-work.

We developed a set of ‘First Aid’ techniques that Ivy always had with her, between sessions, and she quickly was able to reconnect her legs again. She started dancing with a friend, a favourite past-time that she’d not visited for over 20 years. Her legs no longer ached, after just 3 sessions.

Ivy’s name has been changed for confidentiality.

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