HP Courses 2014-15

Holistic Health Ltd Integrated Teaching Stream 2015
Modules One, Two in Auckland, Wellington, Napier/Hastings, Nelson and Christchurch, leading to a residential Module Three Course (city to be advised).

“HOLISTIC HEALTH TRAINING is excited to offer a NZQA-approved, Level 5, 40 credits, (400 hours)  integrated Holistic Pulsing Training for 2014 – 2015, commencing in November. Students will learn the gentle art of Mind-Bodywork through a structured NZQA course.

The course is divided into three Modules which provide a two-year part-time training programme.

*    Module One (3 credits 2 days hands-on training + coursework Total=30 hours) Fee: $395.00

*    Module Two (15 credits 2.5 days hands-on training + coursework Total=150 hours) Fee: $435.00

*    Module Three (22 credits 4 days hands-on residential training + coursework Total=220 hours) Fee: $535.00

There will be additional costs associated with self-directed components such as tutorials, session and supervision fees, and also costs for travel and accommodation. You can offset these costs by charging a “trainer fee”, for practice sessions after completing Module Two.

Two years is a realistic time-frame, with self-directed practice and study spread between workshops. This allows learning to be absorbed and built on. It also makes fees much more manageable. You can be in charge of a major part of time-frames and costs by completing requirements outside workshops when you can fit them in, and afford them. All requirements must be completed within a three-year period.

Completion of all three Modules in sequence is required to meet Annual Practitioner Certificate standards set by the Holistic Pulsing Guild of New Zealand (the standard setting organisation).

“Our 2014 – 15 Holistic Pulsing Certificate Training embraces the new neuro science within Mind-Bodywork. Holistic Pulsing develops holistic sensitivity for all aspects of your practice. You will advance your professional practitioner skills whilst experiencing and embodying the power of softness.”

Holistic Pulsing is client-centred therapy. A healthy healing relationship between client and practitioner is at the core of the work. Holistic Pulsing therapists train not only in physical techniques, but also learn vital interpersonal, communication and practitioner skills that are an essential part of the process.

There is also a strong element of personal growth and awareness in Holistic Pulsing training. Students will be empowered and encouraged to develop their personal growth by attending NZ HP Guild professional Development workshops and pulsing-rich retreats.

If you are already working with holistic healing via another modality, HP may well be the “add-on” you are looking for. Beyond your existing practitioner skills lies the brave new frontier of Mind-Body. Explore how neuro-science embraces holistic healing. We’ll teach you to develop qualities of ‘therapist presence’ and safe therapeutic process. HP training will enhance and empower your client-centred skills, help to grow your sensitivity as a therapist and open your mind/ heart. These skills will underpin all your prior learning and will be a valuable addition to your practice.


Holistic Health Ltd Integrated Teaching Stream 2015
Modules One, Two in Auckland, Wellington, Napier/Hastings, Nelson and Christchurch, leading to a residential combined Module Three Course (city to be advised).

WELLINGTON: Module 1 January 31-Feb 1 2015   and Module 2  6-8 March 2015
Tutor : Barbara Gibb  barbara.gibb@holisticpulsing.org.nz

NAPIER/HASTINGS: Module 1  late March 2015 (to be confirmed)
Tutor : Barbara Gibb  barbara.gibb@holisticpulsing.org.nz

CHRISTCHURCH: Module 1 and Module 2   (TBA) March 2015
Tutors: Barbara Gibb  barbara.gibb@holisticpulsing.org.nz
and Corinne Murray   corinne.murray@holisticpulsing.org.nz

HP Level Three – later 2015 – city and date to be advised
For more information, Course prospectus, venues and registration
Contact course Barbara Gibb  barbara.gibb@holisticpulsing.org.nz
or Lynda Mabin  lynda@hht.co.nz
Holistic Health Ltd  www.hht.co.nz  


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