Geoff – Knee pain

Geoff is a fit older gentleman with recurring knee pain and is exploring alternatives for knee replacement surgery. With Cranio-Sacral assessment, I discover that he has an “energetic leg length difference”. Geoff played cricket and rugby throughout his youth, with many minor injuries, especially to the cartilage in his knees. One leg believes it is weak and wont carry his spine.

We explore gentle Holistic Pulsing to encourage bone release, strengthen the connections, free muscular tightness. Energy alignment and chakra balance releases the flow of stagnant energy caught in the injury sites. Geoff walks from my clinic with a renewed vigour, optimism and a lighter step. I resource him with knowledge of the local hydrotherapy pool, and an alternative referral to a colleague for acupuncture without needles, which he fears. Whatever his next choice, his knee will be in a better place to rehabilitate, even if surgery is the outcome.

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