Flower Essences – what are they?

Flower essences are flower energy (or “flowersynergy”) ‘sealed’ in water with 10% pure brandy to maintain water purity. They carry the high vibratory essence of that particular flower or part of a plant, and also the country that the plants are grown in. This ‘energy signature’ can assist healing of the emotional and mental aspects of our dis-ease or dysfunction.


“One of the things I most value in a session is that I feel very involved in the process of the work being done. It is like being taken on a shared journey of healing from which you emerge feeling stronger and also more empowered.”   AH, Nelson

How do they work?

I use flower essences to calm, ground and integrate my clients during and after a CranioSacral Therapy, Holistic Pulsing or Enegy Alignment/Chakra Balancing session. Flower essences can be taken on the tongue, directly on the skin, or sprayed into our energetic fields (auras).

I enjoy Barbara’s essence mixes as they pin point where I am in a point in time and allow me to change and turn a corner in a gentle and often subtle way.  When I ask Barbara for an essence mix she can translate my thoughts, feelings, and emotional vibrations into an intuitively mixed individualized essence mix or ‘brew’.  At times the essences can work instantly or sometimes they may take a few days for me to notice a change.  The flower essences always allow me to build more resilience in everyday challenges.  JD, Wellington.

I assist you to choose a combination of essences for a tailored individual “synergy”, that best meets your health and wellbeing needs. I will use muscle-testing (kinesiology), a pendulum or practised intuition to select your personal “synergy”.

Developed by Dr Bach (UK) in the early part of this century, flower essences, and especially Rescue Remedy are invaluable in birthing units, hospitals and homes everywhere.

I use the following in tailored blends to assist your individual healing –
Bach (UK)
New Perception (New Zealand)
Omni Level & ‘Resilience Mix’ (Christchurch)
Australian Bush
Perelandra Roses (USA)

A Flower essence session involves taking a case-history(first visit), talking about your current life challenges, and trialling different essences before the “synergy” that best fits you is placed in a blue 100ml glass dispenser or convenient plastic purse pack. Flower Essences can also be mailed direct to you, after an initial face to face consultation, with a brief email or phone consultation.

I also offer a 200ml Auric Spray for clearing energies, especially effective for offices, overseas flights and personal aura clearing. $20.00 please enquire.

For a tailored Flower essence, Auric Spray or more information, contact Barbara at:
Phone: 027 490 6428

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