When we are in balance or ‘Synergy,’ our energy field is a resource for well-being.

The human energy body is the electromagnetic field of energy in constant motion that creates the glow of light or ‘aura’ around us. It resonates at between 7.8 cycles per second (earth frequency) to in excess of 20,000. The chakras act as transformers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies.

I “see” these energies, which offers an extra level of information – our biology and biography – revealing our character, emotional nature, mental strengths, state of health, and spiritual potential. This energy system can also reveal the ‘energetic signatures’ of dis-ease, dysfunction and emotional wounds to a trained auric healer.

“Emphasis on clean air, food, water, rest and exercise are incomplete without re-tuning and strengthening our energy fields” says scientist Valerie Hunt. ‘Infinite Mind’pg 69

Energy alignment can assist with;
all disease and dysfunction
life goal alignment and visioning
streamlining and weight loss
change and timing
meditation and spiritual practice.

I also teach public workshops – ‘Synergy, the Art of Energy Vehicle Maintenance’, an introduction to your energy system and practical tools for balance and revitalisation of your own energy-body.

“Barbara brings together her 
understanding of the energetic
 working of the body, a very helpful 
perspective on the spiritual being of 
people and a unique gift of healing.”

See learn energy First Aid for course overviews and upcoming courses.

Where is your clinic?
I usually practice from my peaceful garden clinic in Mornington, Wellington, and look forward to returning to face to face sessions, later in 2022. Meantime, I offer zoom or phone sessions, in the comfort of your space, at times to support you.

For a session or more information, contact Barbara at:
Phone: 027 490 6428



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