CranioSacral Therapy


CranioSacral Therapy for Adults, Children & Babies

We all express a lifetimes’ journeys in our posture and health.  Aches, pain and dis-ease are our ‘body archive’ of stories waiting to be read and healed. Restrictive injuries that have become chronic, emotional and mental challenges and even birthing trauma are often held in our bodies for years. CranioSacral therapy is a deep and profound dialogue with the ‘cerebro-spinal system’ – the tide of clear fluid that supports and nourishes our spinal cord and central nervous system. This tide gives authentic access to this ‘body archive’, sometimes also called ‘cellular memory’ .

Your CranioSacral therapist ‘listens with their hands’ to the ‘tides’ of all the fluids in your body, gently facilitating improved vitality, balanced flow and healing to begin. There is no manipulation or forceful changes to the body structure. Only your body knows how to heal from it’s own body-wisdom.

With CranioSacral therapy I can assist you to re-empower your life, regain energy and confidence, often ‘re-scripting’ out-moded patterns in physical structure, emotions, relationships and family histories.

Newborns, children, the elderly, and those in physical or emotional pain find CranioSacral therapy relaxing, non-invasive, and gently affirming of their innate healing wisdom.

CranioSacral therapy is beneficial for:
Acute and chronic pain, headaches and migraine
Joint pain relief and mobilisation
Injury, pre/post-operative and dentistry
Babes and parents – pregnancy, birth, adolescents
Personal, relationship and career ‘cross-roads’
Anxiety, trauma, fatigue and depression.

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How many sessions do I need?

After an evaluation, an individual  CranioSacral treatment plan is tailored, as you and your ‘wellness’ are unique. Generally, four consecutive treatments are advised to build trust between the therapist, you and your body, to anchor and support the changes.

My work is family-centred,  I am available to visit adults or children in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home, or in a hospital/care setting.
Sessions are usually for an hour, and 30-45 minutes for babies. Clients remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on a massage table.

Where are your clinics?
I practice at Tui Health Clinic – 6/75 Ghuznee Street (wheelchair access), Wellington or my peaceful garden clinic in Mornington, Wellington.

For a session or more information, contact Barbara at:
Phone: (04) 389 7706 or Mobile: 027 490 6428




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