What to Expect


How long will my session be?

Your session is usually for an hour, and 30-45 minutes for babies and children. Clients remain fully clothed for all the therapies and lie comfortably on a massage table, or seated in a chair or on a couch. Sometimes, children feel most at ease on their parent’s lap. Attention is given to creating rapport between the therapist and the child, parent or caregiver and meeting the child on their terms.
We take time to get to know your story – sessions are relaxed. A brief medical case-history is taken with your first consultation, to get an overview of your health and well-being. This may assist both you and your therapist to focus on areas that need assistance and support. You may ask any questions at any stage of the session; I prefer to work interactively with you and your body-mind, so will often check in with you around what you are noticing, during the session, and afterwards.
I believe it is essential to your healing journey, to take the time to build trust in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist, you and your body.

What happens in the session?

After comfortably lying on the massage table, with a warm blanket to cover your body, a hands-on evaluation ‘maps’ your physical (bones and connective-tissues) and energetic body (chakras and energy flows) structures. An individual session plan is tailored, as you and your ‘wellness’ are unique.
I  maintain a very light pressure on your body, (no more than 20 cents weight) most of the time. (Rarely – a person’s body will prefer to be “met” with more pressure for comfort and support).
With Holistic Pulsing, I find the rhythm that best suits your body, and may apply stretching and opening movements, always within your comfort zone.
There is no manipulation or forceful changes to the body structure. Only your body knows how to heal from within it’s own body-wisdom. I tune into this innate healing wisdom to encourage your body-mind to find more vitality and better physical and energy alignments than it presently chooses.

“There have been both physical benefits and other subtle effects which are much more difficult to describe but very powerful 
to experience. “  SE, Nelson

At the end of the session, there is time to reflect and share any insights that you have. You can still ask questions – please do!

What happens after the session?

Generally, you may experience a lightness and warmth, tissues releasing, subtle bone re-alignments, ease of breathing rhythms, more energy and an “expanded” feeling. These changes are sustained, often for 2-7 days or longer as your body integrates the session.

I may offer you flower essences as part of the session to ground and support these shifts. I can also make up a tailored mix for you to take away (there is an additional charge for this).
Please drink plenty of fresh water for 2-3 days after your session, this assists release of toxins and supports body-integration and changes.

Any concerns or questions after the session?

Call me if any symptoms are concerning you, or integration or body-settling is slower than you anticipated.
Contact Barbara direct on: 027 490 6428


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