How long is my session?
All adult sessions are for an hour; you lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, or a comfy chair/ hospital bed in that setting.
Babies and children usually need less time – 30-45 minutes.  Attention is given to creating rapport between the therapist and the child, parent or caregiver and meeting the child on their terms. Sometimes children are happiest in their parents or care-givers laps.

What does it cost?

Initial evaluation sessions for Mum and baby/child are 1 hour $80.00 – Dads/partners can come free!
Adults $80.00
Babies, children (to age 14) 30 – 45 mins    $75.00
Pensioners/ students/ beneficiaries  $70.00 (negotiable after 1st consultation for repeat sessions)
Mums and Babes – together (pre or post-natal) $90
Dads of newborns are offered one FREE session.
Adults and children remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table. Sometimes children are more comfortable nestled with Mum or Dad on a comfy sofa. Sessions are very relaxed and not time critical, please bring your favourite toys and books for babies and  children. Breastfeeding is encouraged to relax and comfort Mum and baby.

How many sessions do I need?

After an evaluation, an individual  CranioSacral treatment plan is tailored, as you and your ‘wellness’ are unique. Generally, two follow-up sessions are advised to anchor and support the changes that often happen between sessions. For best integration, four consecutive sessions are recommended. Some clients come for a regular monthly “tune-up”, once their body’s CranioSacral balance is achieved.

My work is family-centred,  I am available to visit adults or children in the relaxed atmosphere of their own home, or in a hospital/care setting.
Sessions for adults are usually for an hour, and 30-45 minutes for babies and children under 14. Clients lie comfortably on a massage table, or sometimes children are happiest in their care-givers laps.

Where is your clinic?
I usually practice from my peaceful garden clinic in Mornington, Wellington, and look forward to returning to face to face sessions, later in 2022. Meantime, I offer zoom or phone sessions, in the comfort of your space, at times to support you.

For a session or more information, contact Barbara at:
Phone: 027 490 6428


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