Chakra Balance


“There have been both physical benefits and other subtle effects which are much more difficult to describe but very powerful 
to experience. “ SE, Nelson

The human energy body is the electromagnetic field of energy in constant motion that creates the glow of light or ‘aura’ around us. It resonates at between 7.8 cycles per second (earth frequency) to in excess of 20,000. The chakras act as transformers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. In reality, this energy system is also information – our biology and biography – revealing our character, emotional nature, mental strengths, state of health, and spiritual potential. This energy system can also reveal the ‘energetic signatures’ of dis-ease, dysfunction and emotional wounds to a trained auric healer.


A personal Chakra Balance can assist with;
core healing of all disease and dysfunction
life goal alignment and visioning
energetic ‘protection’ and loss of things/beliefs that hold us back
changes in our lives, jobs, relationships and timing
meditation and spiritual practice.


“I just wanted to say thanks again for the chakra balance session yesterday!  I feel a million times better.  Also, I got home and the first thing my flatmate said to me was, “you look taller”.  Ha! I hadn’t even told her about the session – amazing!”  AC, Wellington


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